Garnet is all parts of Ruby and Sapphire — their patience, their fury — but she’s also so much more. Greg” sorta just wraps up everything we learned from this episode. Instead of dwelling on lies, they focus on hope. Eventually, she will move on — but first, she has to sing about it a bit. Perhaps one of the most bittersweet sequences in the series (which is saying something), “That Distant Shore” is a brief glimpse into what it would look like for Lapis to be blissfully free from her past. Zach Callison (Steven), Estelle (Garnet), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), and Tom Scharpling (Greg). Steven Universe: The Movie soundtrack from 2019, composed by Various Artists. — PR, “Steven and the Stevens” is the precursor to “Big Fat Zucchini” from before when everything went … wrong. 6. This song is an apology; Amethyst rarely owns up to her impulsive actions, so it comes from her not-often seen vulnerable side. Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan & Patti LuPone) 2. “Full Disclosure” is his internal monologue of what he’d like to say to her. 3. — PR, I separate Steven Universe songs into two groups: the emotionally hard-hitting, and the goofy mood breaks. — PH, The end of “Mr. Sure, he’s not a famous musician like he had hoped, but he’s an exceptional father to one of the saviors of the planet. 00:01 First song as White Diamond sings a song about Steven. Deedee Magno Hall’s vocals are unmatched, reaching a theatrical intensity rarely achieved in the series. Though Steven and the rest of the characters address basically all of their trauma in this song, they put it aside to think about good things. Steven’s rendition, in particular, is amazing. Yellow Diamond wants to forget and ignore what happened to Pink, and Blue Diamond can’t help but wallow in her misery – neither of which are particularly healthy ways of dealing with grief. The version on the radio, the one by Olivia Olson (Adventure Time) is infectious and bright — thus easy to dismiss. Steven Universe has truly perfected non-self-indulgent self-deprecation. The hotel staff’s lil call and response bit is sure to get stuck in your head. It’s a catchy tune, relatively simplistic, but then again, Greg’s a simple guy. “Let Me Drive My Van (Into You Heart)” is just so earnest! In-universe, it’s a catchy pop song that Sadie sings beautifully. The lyrics are so gutting when you listen to them. Name. We don’t often hear Amethyst sing, but Michaela Dietz’s smoky voice is a treat. Message to the Universe. “Big Fat Zucchini” is a rage anthem from the clones, who call him a “big fat meanie zucchini.” Honestly, “Big Fat Zucchini” is a good gag, but that’s mostly it. From fighting for Rose Quartz, for acceptance, for a place to call home — it’s all heartwarming and the harmonies are killer. Also that whistling! Combine her sultry voice with Chance the Rapper producing (and of course, the trademark Steven Universe charm), and you’ve got a great track. —EH, This song doesn’t need to be as good as it is. Give us more Greg Universe! Tom Scharpling can do very little wrong. Listen to Steven Universe the Movie (Original Soundtrack) by Steven Universe on Apple Music. These are the songs and other musical pieces played in Steven Universe. At the end, it’s really a message about what makes us happy — not money or fame, but the ones we love. Still, it’s sweet and empowering even though it clocks in under 30 seconds. It’s sweet, without getting overly sentimental, and ends with them strumming guitars together. “Strong in the Real Way” is also the first time that we really get to hear Pearl’s voice actress, Deedee Magno Hall, flex her significant vocal chops. Look! But it’s so short. It’s also a perfect illustration of the way anxiety makes you believe your loved ones are better off without having to deal with your shit. The song itself is a kind of thesis for the show itself: Zach Callison, as Steven, sings, “When you show me that solvable problems, we can get through this, I’ll do the hardest part with you.” — PH, Amethyst doesn’t get a lot of songs, which is a shame, because there’s something so earnest and raw about Michaela Dietz’s voice. It did not end with a bang, but with a warm goodbye hug to his fans. Steven Universe the Movie track list. Steven Universe, the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, gets his hands on the device and discovers that it has the ability to let him travel back in time in order to make snappy comebacks. Trapped in a mirror for millennia and unable to escape the trauma of her betrayal and captivity, Lapis’ relative comfort with Peridot and the Crystal Gems is upended when she learns that the Diamonds are after Steven. With a beautifully animated sequence that pits a ballet dancing Pearl against vaguely twinkling city lights, “It’s Over Isn’t It?” is exquisitely sad and beautiful. — PR, The full version of the theme song gives each character a chance to shine and sing for what they fight for. It’s Steven, and Steven, and Steven, and Steven, together in a band! Stream songs including "The Tale of Steven (feat. The theme song "We Are the Crystal Gems" appears in every episode of the main series, in various versions.The theme song version of "Happily Ever After" appears in Steven Universe Future.In the main series, many variations of the Ending Theme play, while in Future, multiple versions of "Being Human" play.. The Tale of Steven (Feat. — PH. — PR, The final song of the “Steven and the Stevens” episode, “Steven and the Crystal Gems” is funny as hell. It’s also just a freakin’ jam. The show tells the coming-of-age story of a young boy, Steven Universe (Zach Callison), who lives with the Crystal Gems—magical, humanoid aliens named Garnet (), Amethyst (Michaela … The Crystal Gems celebrate their newfound peace. “I am so excited about this album that I hardly have the words,” said Rebecca Sugar. It’s part of the world itself, a way for people to have fun and communicate. We don’t know what’s next for Steven Universe, but we do know everything is changing. In fact, the upcoming movie may bring Steven and the Crystal Gems their scariest villain yet. The music of Steven Universe plays an important part in the show — and boy are those songs catchy. Shamus Kelley needs remastered Cookie Cat in his life like air. Little music breaks like “Jam Song” help reinforce that. “Still Not Giving Up” is quick, fun, but you probably won’t remember it after it’s over. If the music of Steven Universe has been a tiny piece of the score of your life, please know that I am so honored. ... Steven tries to get them to repair the gems they damaged. Steven Universe always redeems its bad guys and this song drives that home. I hope you’ll love this album as much as we loved making it.”. The capture of this data is required for us to fulfill our contractual obligation. Even though he just earned millions of dollars, he knows that fancy cars and houses won’t make him happy. 5. They’re here to save the day! — JS, Sadie is an anti-capitalist queen, and she perfectly nails the soul-sucking feeling of being a teenager working a shitty minimum wage job in “The Working Dead.” There’s a particular feeling that comes from looking into the stone-cold, dead eyes of a customer who doesn’t understand that you couldn’t care less about the fact that No, I’m sorry we don’t have that item in stock, no, we don’t have it in the back, sure I can double-check just to make sure. Aside from Steven himself, Pearl’s character arc is the most compelling in the series. “Just Like a Comet” is the Rosetta Stone to understanding Greg Universe. Greg” have a certain charm to them. He’s been a TV writer since 2009 when he created and executive produced the…. It took Steven in a different direction, one of healing from the past traumas he endured for the entire series. But this sweet little aside always reminds me that music isn’t just a plot device in Steven Universe. Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network.It is Cartoon Network's first animated series to be created solely by a woman. — PH, There are a lot of heavy things about this song, just like there are a lot of heavy things about Steven Universe. When was the last time you heard a song with whistling that didn’t instantly annoy you? T T Info. It’s a soothing song, with tinkly electronic noises to balance out the vocals, floaty and ephemeral as the thoughts it urges to banish. It’s cathartic, and messy, and Steven sees and understands at least a little bit — but it’s not for Steven, or Greg, or Rose. When you think Steven Universe, you think “Stronger Than You,” a celebration of self-love and a celebration of the strength of love.