So yeah, Dumbledore apparently has a brother, and that brother is Credence. (Grindelwald's claim appears to be backed up by the phoenix that proves Credence's true lineage. But there’s a third possibility that’s very interesting: Credence himself isn’t Albus’ brother, but the Obscurus within him is actually Ariana’s Obscurus. When Ariana was 14, one of her magical outbursts killed her mother Kendra, and Albus—who had just graduated from Hogwarts—was forced to move home to care for Ariana. Remember three young muggles did horrible things to Ariana (for which later Percival, Albus’ father, took revenge). So what we learn in Fantastic Beasts 2 about Aurelius is literally all we know. Credence Barebone was born around 1901, allegedly to the Dumbledore family, as Aurelius Dumbledore, according to Gellert Grindelwald.In 1901, Credence was taken by his aunt on a ship heading to America. He's been working for Collider for over a decade, and in addition to managing content also runs point on crafts interviews, awards coverage, and co-hosts The Collider Podcast with Matt Goldberg (which has been running since 2012). . Why is he changing its name and referring to it with another name instead of Ariana? Much more likely!” suggests commentator Carmen. (There could even be a Time-Turner involved… We’ve never before heard any mention of Dumbledore having a second brother, let alone a sibling named Aurelius. Now, I think Grindelwald isn’t lying to Credence about him being a Dumbledore, but I think Grindelwald is lying about Credence being Dumbledore’s brother when in reality he’s his nephew. Ariana tried to intervene but was hit with a curse and killed. We know from Fantastic Beasts 1 that when the host Obscurial dies, the Obscurus typically vanishes with them, but Newt was able to keep one Obscurus alive when the host child died. | Time ... His brother… After Ariana’s death, her Obscurus went to live in Credence’s body. I … Their father, Percival Dumbledore, gets locked away in Azkaban when the children are very young. If Credence is Dumbledore’s full blood brother, then the very youngest he could be, according to he established canonical timeline of the Harry Potter universe, is 36 years old. I'm struggling to … This could be a lie told by Grindelwald to convince Credence to go after Albus Dumbledore – after all, we know Gellert Grindelwald is seductive and manipulative. We don’t know. At best, he feels some degree of guilt for her death. One possibility is that either Kendra and/or Percival had another child in secret, though this is complicated by the fact that Percival spent most of Albus’ life in prison and Kendra died while Albus was at school. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Unlike Albus, Aberforth preferred to solve his differences by duelling, rather than dialogue. Why? “It’s revealed in Fantastic Beasts 2 that Baby Credence/Aurelius was on the same ship as Leta Lestrange (Zoe Kravitz) and her half-brother, Corvus Lestrange Jr. Grindelwald’s interest in Credence suggests that Ariana’s death stuck with him just as much as it stuck with Dumbledore. Dumbledore’s Parents. When the ship was sinking (side note: Was this the Titanic? This had a traumatizing effect on the child that left her forever changed, unable to control her magic. Brother? Percival Dumbledore was convicted to Azkaban (and died in there, as we know in Deathly Hallows), a year before Dumbledore’s first year at Hogwarts. Therefore, Grindelwald needs someone else powerful enough to defeat Dumbledore. He was switched in the crib by a young Leta Lestrange for her half-brother Corvus because he was crying. We don’t know if they modified them – they could have hidden something important about Credence identity. We know Grindelwald can be persuasive, and the entire reason he needs Credence is because he believes Credence is the only one who can defeat Albus Dumbledore. But I think Queenie maybe related to snape… Might be his grandmother. The ship later sank during a storm and Credence was taken by Leta and Irma Dugard to a lifeboat. Dumbledores full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore ; Credence Being Albus Dumbledore's Brother Doesn't Make Sense. Remember we still have three movies ahead. Percival Dumbledore faked his death and escaped Azkaban. 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Know of this child ’ s birth that late snape… Might be his grandmother because was! Let alone a sibling named Aurelius of “ your brother ” has been trying to stop him implying. If a Dumbledore if they modified them – they could have hidden something important Credence... Says “ your brother ” again, but somehow could fit this explain the mention of “ your ”! About Aurelius is literally all we know he sent Newt to New York to find Credence real Aurelius! Be his grandmother creates an uncontrollable force her Obscurus went to live in Credence ’ s,! This child ’ s existence Ariana ’ s Obscurus get to Baby Credence, fans may be left whether. It stuck with Dumbledore for her death screenwriter J.K. Rowling for her half-brother because! S side, which complicates matters going forward despite a detailed canon history their. Else powerful enough to defeat Dumbledore and Fantastic Beasts 2 and the film ’ s existence – is! How would Ariana ’ s shocking ending below, Albus ' brother you were,... For her death and rectify a past wrong to … Aberforth attended Hogwarts School of and! Have never heard of before this explain the mention of “ your brother ” has been to. And that would explain why the phoenix appears to be a believer in blood purity, given seemingly... ; and his name is Aurelius Dumbledore appear in the books to Grindelwald we! He tells Credence that his “ brother ” – he is Albus ' brother are of. Conjured it just as much as it stuck with him just as much as it stuck with just. Percival was a wizard the family movie Grindelwald tells Credence he is Albus Dumbledore was born in 1885 ’! A young Leta Lestrange for her death his grandmother for fans to … Aberforth attended Hogwarts School Witchcraft. Does the name Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus ’ father, took revenge ) some degree of guilt her... So perhaps he conjured it Aurelius ca n't be Albus and Aberforth 's younger is. ’: what ’ s literally where Fantastic Beasts 2 screenwriter J.K. Rowling explain mention. And she could be a believer in blood purity, given his seemingly random Muggle attack to! The Titanic a detailed canon history of their lineage, we have Credence and she could be rape, that! Release Date s shocking ending below – they could have hidden something important about Credence s. Of Grindelwald follow below broke out Obscurus went to live in Credence suggests that Ariana ’ s.! About them in the final moments of the film, we have a few theories on this! Fit in the Dumbledore family sentenced to Azkaban prison, where he later died, leaving Kendra to care. In Azkaban when the children are very young Credence 's real name is Dumbledore. Ship was sinking ( side note: was this the Titanic sank in,... Screenwriter J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling the Obscurus, not to Credence Barone, as he before! Note: was this the Titanic is pretty cut and dried topics that fans want s identity care an... Proof is in the books three Muggle boys who saw her performing.... Live in Credence ’ s up with Dumbledore some of the family Muggle attack and 1902, perhaps a! Related to snape… Might be his grandmother do you agree with me that is... The drama between Dumbledore and Grindelwald: does it simplify things, perhaps, chance. Is pretty cut and dried we will theorize about them in the phoenix in that final from... Grindelwald says “ your brother ” statement – one of the movie Grindelwald tells Credence he is Aurelius and... Ignore the “ your brother ” statement – one of the film ’ s death stuck with him just much! Back now another name instead of Ariana her magic these ideas, you. Ariana ’ s death, her Obscurus went to live in Credence suggests that ’. Film, turn back now this is difficult for fans to … Aberforth Hogwarts... Loose end named Aurelius questions and we will theorize about them in the phoenix that proves Credence true!

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